Photos: Life of Chen Xianmei, woman who helped Yue Yue the run-over toddler, disturbed by media circus, propaganda

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Photos: Life of Chen Xianmei, woman who helped Yue Yue the run-over toddler, disturbed by media circus, propaganda
26 Oct

She lived in peace and lack of definition in the southern city of Foshan with her child, her little girl in-law and her grandson. She acted as low maintenance housekeeping servant amid the day, cooked for workers at her child’s handyman shop at twelve, and went out to gather junk at night and offer it to nearby recyclers for a pin cash. Nonetheless, the greater part of that has changed after she turned into the first to assist a Chinese baby named Yue, who was mercilessly run over by two engine vehicles and ignored by 18 passersby, and subsequently came to national consideration. While the country is grieving over Yue’s terrible demise and considering the hardness and inhumanity of Chinese individuals embodied for this situation and numerous other comparative ones with surprising suddenness, Chen Xianmei, the ladies who released what she did as a silly matter, is steadily obstinate by the press corps and promulgation authorities who vigorously broadcast her “courageous deeds” and attempt to make an ethical sample out of her through narrating and exhibition.

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On October 17, four days after the hit-and-run accident, Chen Xianmei was mobbed by Chinese reporters in Foshan.


At 1:40 p.m. on October 17, Chen Xianmei, tired from handling the press, was going home for a nap, before several reporters trotted up towards her and kept bombarding her with questions.


On the evening of October 18, Chen Xianmei stood at her son’s office, wearing a drowsy look. An entire day full of intensive interviews exhausted her mind and body.


On the afternoon of October 19, three “representatives of good citizens” chosen from various circles visited Chen and “exchanged their experiences of being a good citizen during a folksy conversation.”


On the afternoon of October 19, three “representatives of good citizens” in Foshan (on Chen’s left) sat down and had a folksy conversation with her that lasted 10 minutes. They requested Chen to take pictures with them before they left.


On October 19. Foshan’s Committee for Construction of Spiritual Civilization, a government body which often launches campaigns dedicated to the purging of what it deems social ills and public promotion of exemplary models, rewarded Chen with “Consolation Money” for her heroic deeds.


A business visionary from a business undertaking situated in Dongguan, a neighboring city, exhibited wads of money worth RMB100,000 (US$15,500) to Chen Xianmei to express gratitude toward her great heart, regardless of Chen’s different refusals. (Jing: According to Chinese media reports, Chen later donated money she received to Yue Yue’s parents.)


Another woman from the same company hugged Chen Xianmei.



At 2:15 p.m. on October 17, Chen Xianmei asked reporters waiting outside her home to leave, as her landlady had threatened to kick her out over the media circus.


During the interview, Chen’s cellphone kept ringing, disrupting and distracting her from the interview every now and then.






From October 15 to 18, Chen was asked to revisit the accident scene and reenact the moment she held up Yue Yue and pulled her to the roadside time and time again.

At 2 p.m. on October 17, Chen decided to take a rest at home. A cohort of reporters followed her to her home and intended to go inside and keep pressing her for answers. Chen chased them away and shut the door on them.


On October 19, representatives were dispatched from Chen’s hometown, Yangshan County of Qingyuan, Guangdong province, to thank her for winning honor for Yangshan county and making its people proud.




At 2 p.m. on October 17, Chen’s landlady could no longer tolerate the media frenzy, drove Chen out of her temporary home and went downstairs to chase reporters herself. Chen felt unfair and walked away from a reporter from Hong kong who was still pestering her.


At dusk, Chen was still surrounded by six reporters from Hong Kong. When Chen left with her grandson an hour later, reporters were still reluctant to let her go.


Tears streamed down Chen’s cheek when she was tolerating meetings on October 17. Her child advised columnists that conversing with media at full quality for quite a long time has denied her of great rest and prompted a backslide of her eye issue. She has been having watery eyes subsequent to the spotlight was turned on her.






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